Different culture and nature

Those gut feelings which made you decide you want to move to Andalucia need to be coupled with a healthy dose of realism.
This is condition número uno.

One thing I can promise you is that the climate is absolutely fantastic. Where Belgium and the Netherlands may enjoy maybe two months of summer, in Andalucia it is summer almost the whole year round. The weather may be a little bit more unpredictable from the end of January until April and around October and November, but you just cannot compare this with our own erratic weather patterns in March and April.

The feeling of space is another thing that does not change. Every day you are treated to panoramic views over the mountains or the deep blue Mediterranean Sea. A perfect backdrop!
The Axarquia hinterland is only a fifteen minute’s drive from the coast and has numerous nature reserves which are perfect for walking and hiking without needing to traverse miles of tarmac before you get there.

Speaking of tarmac: Spain’s road network is truly impressive! Europe has invested heavily in the construction of new motorways and TGV networks to connect the major cities. The lack of traffic jams is another advantage for those living in the Málaga and Motrílis region!!! Can you imagine that such regions still exist!

This part in Spain is still relatively unspoilt and does not have the mass tourism we associate with places such as Torremolinos, Fuengirola, Benalmádena… where, let’s be honest, it is hard to find the authentic Spain you are looking for… The pueblos blancos of the Axarquía and its residents are still typically Spanish: ‘muy tranquillos y muy acogedores’ (very peaceful and hospitable)
All these factors are a given for people living in the Axarquía region, which are an excellent ‘fond’ for a high quality of life.