Additional costs associated with a sale

  1. If you are a “non-resident” (=you are not a taxpayer in Spain), 3% of the price will be deducted at the notary’s office. The value added tax is 21%. If this is lower than the 3% that was deducted from the sales price at the notary’s office, you can start a procedure to claim back the difference.
    For example, you bought a property for €200,000 and sell it at later date for €300,000.
    During the exchange of contracts in the notary’s office a cheque will be written for 3% of € 300,000 (= €9000)
    The value added tax is 21% of €100,000 (= €300,000 – €200,000) = €21,000
  2. This 3% is not deducted at the notary’s office if you are “tax-resident”. However, you will receive a tax demand for the 21% instead.
  3. Plusvalia tax. This is a local tax payable to the municipal council. This is based on the added value of the land (since purchase).
  4. Estate agent’s commission fees
  5. Solicitor’s fees
  6. Any moving costs