Working methods

We work with a local and reputable Spanish contractor. Years of experience have taught us that it is best to make a detailed inventory for every renovation. This way you do not get a unit price as is common in Spain, but a very detailed summary of all expenses.

Together with you, the owner, we look at possible ways to save money. The work is started once the quotation has been signed and the first payment has been made.
Depending on the complexity of the site, we visit the site on a weekly basis or more often if necessary. This is all part of our project management process.

We take pictures and send you a weekly progress report by email. This way, you are continuously kept up to date and have the ultimate control over your renovation project. We check the completion of every delivery phase after which payment becomes due for the next phase. Site inspections and financial control go hand in hand so you can trust that everything is happening in accordance to your wishes.