How we work

Your Preferences

Good communication is essential so that we know what is important to you when looking for a property. You can tell us about your preferences in our application form. Through our database and partner network, we can show you what the region has to offer in terms of properties. We also make sure that you are aware of all the financial aspects of buying a property. Feel free to send us any interesting links you find on the internet yourself.


Your feedback is extremely valuable and helps us to narrow down the search. During this stage we also tell you more about the villages and/or cities you are interested in. A property cannot be seen as separate from its environment: we list the various advantages and disadvantages and inform you by email of any new properties that come onto the market. We very much welcome your input as well. For example, it may be useful to tell us about your family circumstances or any health problems.


Once we have compiled a top 5, we organise a first meeting at our Frigiliana office. This personal meeting is really important and allows us to go through each property in detail with you. We will go and view the first properties the same day or the next. Once you have seen between 5-7 properties you get a better idea of the area and the quality of the various properties. If you are not familiar with the region, we ask you to allow 2-3 days for this. We can divide the Axarquia in three different areas which are impossible to visit in just one day.

First viewings

This first visit often casts the entire experience in a whole different light. Potential buyers often change their particular requirements with regard to their ideal property.

The Region

Armed with this new-found knowledge and having learned more about this region, we start our second round of viewings. Most of our clients get a very clear picture in their head of what it is exactly they are looking for and in which area they want to live/buy once they have viewed 3 to 4 properties.

Looking for the right property

How long it takes before someone finds the right property varies from client to client, but starting from the first idea of buying or emigrating, it often takes 6 months to 2 years before people actually move into their new home. In the meantime, we keep you informed of any new properties that come onto the market, make new selections and, in the best case scenario, we can assist with your purchasing process in Spain.

Project Management

We can still offer you our services once you are the proud owner of your new villa, village house or apartment. Our project management  can help with repairs, renovations and general problem solving.