Holiday rental


(If you have bought your Spanish home with us, the law firm will register your property for rental if you wish. So you don’t have to worry about this.)

From May 11, 2016 all property located in a residential area that is regularly offered through marketing or promotion channels to tourists for rental at a price, (i.e. through travel agencies, mediators or organizing companies, or through any media giving the possibility of making a reservation or booking), is considered housing for tourism use.

Type of Accommodation:

  • Complete properties: The maximum permitted sleeping capacity for each property is of 15 people at any one time.
  • Bed and Breakfast /Rooms: -he owner must reside in the property and cannot sleep more than 6 people at any one time.

In both cases the maximum occupation per room should not exceed 4 people.

Registering a property for tourist use – Requirements:

  1. Occupation Licence or Certificate of Habitability
  2. All rooms must have direct ventilation from outside or from a patio, and must have some means of darkening.
  3. The accommodation must be sufficiently furnished and equipped to meet the immediate requirements of the number of people specified
  4. If the rental period includes dates in the months from May to September (inclusive), a fixed cooling device must be provided or if the rental period includes dates in the months from October to April (inclusive), then heating must be provided.
  5. First aid kit.
  6. Provide: information and operating instructions for all appliances; tourist information; and telephone numbers for queries and incidents.
  7. All properties must have a “Complaints and Claims Book” readily available with a corresponding prominently displayed wall notice.
  8. The accommodation must be clean for the arrival and at the exit of clients
  9. Bedding, linen, household goods in general should be supplied
  10. Information on internal rules for use of the facilities and for the community.

How to register in the Andalucia Tourism Register free of charge

Make a written statement demonstrating your responsibility and compliance with the above listed requirements:

  • Register in the Register of Tourism of Andalusia when you will be assigned a code number.
  • Include your registration code number in all of the advertising and promotions related to the property.

The following properties are NOT included in the above law:

  • Rentals without payment.
  • Rentals for a continuous period of more than 2 months to the same individual/s.
  • Rural Properties.
  • When a group of 3 or more properties which are located in the same building, complex, urbanization, or group of buildings are rented by one person or company.