photovoltaic panels


Southern Spain can count on 300 days of sunshine per year, which in Andalusia equates to approximately 3,250 hours of sunshine per year! In the UK, on the other hand, the sun only shines 1500 hours/year. 🙁
In short, the sun shines more than twice as much in Andalusia as in the more northern countries! 😊
A very good reason to install photovoltaic panels on your Spanish villa, cortijo or roof apartment! Since the Spanish government abolished the so-called ‘impuesto al sol’ at the end of 2018, the market for photovoltaic panels has started to peak!



Many homeowners invested in green energy and saw their electricity bill drop by at least 65%.
The market for these panels has experienced a real boom in recent years, especially since it is now possible to supply the produced electricity surplus back to the network.
For every kilowatt produced, you receive approximately €0.1 from the electricity company, which results in a significant discount on your electricity bill every month, although your bill was quickly halved anyway thanks to your own free electricity production.


A recent innovation is the virtual battery: this allows you to transfer generated credits from month to month: In other words: If there is a zero balance after settlement, the remainder will be compensated on the next invoice.
This way you never lose the surplus of electricity produced!

Certainly an interesting novelty for holiday homes that can build up an electricity surplus and credit in this way during your absence!
Another advantage is that when you rent out the property for tourist purposes, you no longer must worry about high electricity bills!


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