André & Denise

Hello everyone!  Our story starts 33 years ago when we met through an aunt of mine. My husband, André, had one more wish and that was moving to the Ardèche!  In the meantime I have seen the Ardèche region 33 times over the years.

It remains a beautiful area of ​​course, but at the end of August the tourists return home and it is not nearly as cozy on the markets anymore and sitting on a terrace is not nice either. The restaurants are understaffed … and in the winter months it is also drizzly and cold, … At the beginning of January 2014 we went on holiday to Gran Canaria for the sixth time. Oooooh that sun! That blue sky !! Always being able to eat outside… .perfect!

As always, we rented a car and noticed signs with “se vende” everywhere. We went to look at some objects, but those houses turned out to be so small. No, this was not for us! husband then planned the next vacation, I wanted to see something different … while surfing the web, I noticed a site: Andalucia Real Estate. Here we saw properties with twice as much space for the same price?!

I sent an email in my best English,… ..the next day we received an answer in Dutch! I immediately called, Geert on the phone … without pushing he asked to come and look, because the prices would rise again in the coming years.

During the Easter holidays my husband went on a prospecting: After looking at 13 properties in 2 days, my sweetheart called me …. he had taken an option on an apartment!
So fast?!
And what color are the tiles of the bathroom ?!
What are you asking now? … he didn’t know that anymore! .. from then on it went really fast.

Signed in June at the notary, our apartment in Mechelen was sold, and on October 15, 2014 we lived in our new home !!! Speaking of turbulent times!

Really a “jump in the dark”! Dear people, if someone is walking around on whom you can count on “anything and everything”, then that is “the one and only” Geert Grommen! What have we arranged through him!?

Everything for the purchase, arrangement and appointment at the notary, all necessary documents, the builder and lawyer were there at the signing.

We would have liked “TV Vlaanderen…the satellite dish was placed before we moved. All contacts with the companies for water, electricity, gas, from technical inspection to commissioning … everything went perfectly!

The construction had been empty for a few years: a layer of paint was really necessary and in the living room I wanted a different color. Furthermore, the bathroom: “wouldn’t we opt for a walk-in shower?” “And who chooses the right tiles?” I was thinking about an outdoor kitchen. Would that be feasible? And on the outside wall I would have liked a storage space and a sunblind in front of and behind the terrace.

Just a question by e-mail, you will receive the price quote almost every time, ok, agree.!. Everything is placed as agreed and is neatly left behind.

Geert solves everything, and how ?! And for a reasonable price!

So, mid-October we arrived, with a small heart …. what am I going to find there?

Unbelieveable!!!! Geert even found a cleaning team at the very last moment!


Filip, Valerie & son

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We , Filip and Valerie and our son Cédric, now live in Spain since January 2011. Before that we both had our full time job in teaching. (more…)

Filip & Myriam

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How did we find Geert and Patricia to achieve our dream?  The idea of having our own place in the sunny south became reality when we started looking at a few properties on the internet. (more…)

Hans & Anne-Loes

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For years we have been thinking to start en new adventure and move to Spain, preferably the region of Andalucía.  A big step, one you don’t decide on overnight but more then once has been put aside because of other more important matters, personal, work etc.


Peter & Renate

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We Renate and Peter, parents with 2 big children, have been the proud owners of “Casa Arboleda Sayalonga” since December 2016, a luxury holiday home with swimming pool on 3200 m2 of land in the municipality of Sayalonga.


Ron en Marijke

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Hello, we’re Ron and Marijke… (more…)

Johan, Ingrid & Co

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We are Ingrid and Johan and our two children Ricky and Mercina. Due to the often chilly and rainy weather, we were tired of our apartment in Ostend for some time already. (more…)

Elke & Guy

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Elke and Guy

Hola! We are Elke and Guy and run a bed and breakfast under the Andalusian sun: Casa Utopia in the “real” Spanish village of Alcaucin. (more…)

Willy & Annemie

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We are Willy and Annemie, both in our mid-50s with 2 children, in their mid-20s. My “dada” was always to have something in the mountains and both our summer and winter leave went to Alps in 50% of the cases. (more…)

Yannick & An

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Hello, we met Geert and Patricia in 2013, when we were looking for an apartment. (more…)

André & Denise

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Hello everyone!  Our story starts 33 years ago when we met through an aunt of mine. (more…)

Patrick & Mireille

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Hello, we’re Mireille and Patrick and we live in Zemst. (more…)

Frans & José

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We are José and Frans, Our story begins in 2015. (more…)

Luc & friends

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Our Spanish story…. We had dreamed about it for a number of years, a house in Spain, as a holiday home and eventually when we would retire, to stay more often, or possibly permanently (more…)

Bart & Sabrina

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Hello, we are Bart and Sabrina. Together with our 2 children, Lotte and Senne, we had been dreaming of having our own holiday home for a few years. (more…)

Dirk, Martine & son

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With the opening of Bed & Breakfast Los Montes in May 2011, we realized our long-standing dream. (more…)

Marnix & Hannelore

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We had enough of the drizzly winters and especially the drizzly springs (and often summers, etc.).  For some time the plan had matured to have a warm place where we could recharge our batteries and perhaps remain permanent later in life. (more…)
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